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Hey beautiful,

Here we are ready for Devoted 2016. It’s so incredible to think about the journey we’ve been on. The countless hundreds of women whose lives have been impacted by the power and presence of God. The impact each of those women have had and continue to have because they understand who and whose they are. There is something so special that takes place when women gather for a purpose greater than themselves. When they organize their busy lives, take time out of their crazy schedules, arrange their world, simply to gather together because they understand there is a God in heaven who loves them dearly and has prepared ‘good works’ for them to do.

The beauty of the feminine heart is beyond compare. United together, without prejudice or fear of comparison, embracing each other’s uniqueness, the impact we can have is enormous. And this is the heartbeat behind Devoted. It is not just any conference. It is a gathering of women of every age, race, and background who seek to make this world a better place. To shine their light wherever they go. To be bearers of ‘the good news.’ To bring faith, hope and love into a desperate world.

If this is the first time you have heard about Devoted, I don’t believe it is coincidental. Can I encourage you to ‘jump aboard’ and experience all that Devoted is. It truly is life-changing. For those of you who have been before, you know each year God is so good to us and continues to fuel us with a sense of vision and purpose for our future.

So lovely one, I’m so honored that you would consider being with us this year. I pray this invitation speaks to your heart and you become part of the Devoted adventure!

With very much love,

Sharon and the Devoted team!

Devoted 2015 memories

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